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Jos van Riswick - Excellent Dutch painter of still life.



The vibrant work of Kathy Ostman Magnusen, in the vibrant islands of Hawaii.



Before you throw away another 22 million on your next Van Gogh, Loek in the Netherlands will do you a hand painted copy for less than half that. ( Can you tell the difference?)



A second site where you can buy accurately painted reproductions of Vincent Van Gogh's works.



A skilled traditional landscape painter of the Netherlands, Leon Engelen



Ron Barsano is an all-round artist in New Mexico. He tackles many diverse subjects in many different ways, with a very sound 'painterly' technique. I even like his abstracts!



An artist reproducing copies of old masters in New Zealand, David R. Holland.


Ron Gang - The light, color and spirit of Israel's Negev Desert. Oil paintings.