The Lord Nelson.



4ft. x 3ft. Double sided (swinging) Inn sign - hand painted on 2 sides, in coach enamels on sheet aluminium.

Public house signs do not call for excessive detail, as they are placed too high up for any close examination. Whenever, I use coach enamels, I generally make all my colours from 5 basic primaries - black, white, yellow, red and blue. Enamels dry quickly and retain their gloss.

Nelson is an common pub name in Britain. Born in Norfolk in 1758, he is one of the country's greatest sea-faring heroes, who defeated Napoleon's French fleet at Trafalgar on the 21st. October 1805. He was blinded in his right eye and lost an arm in previous engagements. His death at Trafalgar was mourned by the whole nation, and he now lies in St. Paul's Cathedral, London.