Who Am I?


   Born in London, in 1953, I grew up in Harrow, Middlesex, England, save for a brief spell in the early 60's spent in the USA. My entire family left England then, and upon the fast liner, the S.S. United States, we crossed the Atlantic in mid-winter. For me, that was an unforgettable experience. A seemingly endless grey ocean, strong gales that felt like they might blow a small boy off the decks at any moment. I can still remember the statue of Liberty, shrouded in mist, on that cold morning we arrived in New York City.

We went to live in Kentucky, a 'blue-green,' semi- tropical place in summer, full of unfamiliar birds and wild life, so different from England's. I went to school, but eventually, the grown-ups around me, decided to return to England. So we did, and once again, to my delight, I found myself aboard the S.S. United States.

       We returned to the Harrow area, N.W. of London, and my life resumed its previous pattern, then; in the early 70s; I attended Harrow School of Art.

    Art School was not the place I expected. I went naively hoping to learn from "masters" but of course, found not one among the tutors there. The 1970's were times of 'do what thou will,' but don't ask the tutors how those old masters actually did it, because clearly they didn't know; couldn't do it themselves, and cared even less.

   I've worked as a photographer for a local newspaper, sold insurance, been a tree feller and other things, but art is all that really interested me and I earned my living at it for 20 years. 

     Other interests include history, wild life, and birds in particular. 

    Like other artists, I suppose I am somewhat obsessed with drawing and painting, and have been so since I can remember. I am fascinated by  the work of many of the great painters of the past and in particular those of the 19th. century.

Philip Malpass.